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Jack Cope   |   13 Jun 2012
The rise of the ex-Muslim apostate and why we Muslims should listen to
Browsing the web some days I come across strange blogs run by ‘ex-Muslims’.

One came to my attention today as it was being promoted by Jihadwatch, that wonderful website where up is down and all Muslims are evil if they follow Islam. You can have a look here:

I flicked through and all the usual stuff came up. Islam is evil. I was conned. I’ve wasted my life. Now I’m free. Save me my life is in danger. The usual.

Pretty boring and standard really… but one thing stuck me… this blog was new. The first post was in October last year, with said apostate saying they ‘stopped praying’ around the end of October. Yet Mr Spencer and his gang have picked this blog up, out of all the hundreds if not thousands out there, to promote on their blog. Fishy? More than a little but what do I know. Or care for that matter.

Now, I have no doubt that the apostate is probably real. By the looks of it they are from the normal background of apostates; fundamentalist family who forced their kids into the faith but gave their youngsters no real understanding of Islam. Well what do you expect! If you have no understanding of something you are bound to reject it and/or take up the first ‘explanation’ that comes to hand, whether it be right or wrong. It is a perfectly normal human reaction and one of my main arguments against the so called ‘fundamentalist’ Muslims.

But I go off track a little, back to the rise of the internet apostate and why we should be listening to them.

The thing that I find most amusing about these apostates is their complete lack of what Muslims would recognize as Islam. They pretty much exist to be ‘proof’ of what Islam is really like, an ‘inside story’ from the mouths of the ‘free’. It is a ‘we were in there, this is what the crazy cult is like’. We all know this, it is a fact, such is life, and I won’t concentrate on that today.

There is something else, something far important for us Muslims to take away. Reading comments such as:

‘I mean sign a lifelong bondage/slavery contract with some fanatic Muslim man’

when talking about why someone doesn’t marry is at first funny becuase of the complete ignorance of Islamic scripture that comes with it. I mean, come on! Where did that come from?!

But it is not that funny becuase it tells us something; Muslims don’t know their own faith! Where did this apostate get her ideas from? It wasn’t Islam, Islam is not what they say it is, and said aposate admits that they never read the Quran in a language they understand. They rather had an ‘Islamic education’. Ahhh…

No, it is not from Islam, but people who think they know Islam. You’ll remember an article from last week that I posted, about how non-Muslim nations are more ‘Islamic’ than Muslim ones. This is the same problem, there is a lack of knowlage on what Islam really is amoungst the ordinary Muslims.

When a young Muslim isn’t taught how to teach themselves their faith, when they are instead drilled in how the faith works, they will go one way. They will lose interest, they will lack understanding and their faith will wither. Sure, they will probably pray and stuff, but that isn’t being a Muslim. That is being a parrot. And parrots don’t make good Muslims.

So when this parrot questions they have three options. They can bury the question and hope it doesn’t come back. They can risk asking one of their ‘mandated teachers’, with the possible issues that come from that. Sadly our ‘Islamic’ educators are not exactly known for their kindness, especially in some so called ‘Islamic’ societies.

Or they can look it up themselves…

With the rise of the internet then that is the main option. And someone tell me what happens when you bash Islam into a search engine…

I don’t blame the apostates, it is not their fault. I blame those who didn’t teach, those who left them, those who abandoned them. Is it no wonder that they run into the open arms of others? When their house of cards built by ‘education’ during their youth falls, where else is their to turn? The ‘teachers’?! Be serious!

I want all my Muslim readers to reflect on this, reflect hard. For this is our fault and our problem, this is something we have to solve. And I want you to pray for the safety of all the apostates out there, the lost ones, from the people who mean to do them harm.

Again, it is not their fault, it is ours.

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